金 恵貞(キム ヘジョン)
Hyejeong Kim


今回、私が携わった<CHIN JUKAN POTTERY>のシリーズも、図面やスケッチからカタチを起こしたのではなく、私が実際に粘土に触れて生まれたフォルムが、その原型となっています。私自身のきわめて個人的な経験から生まれた幼子のような土のフォルムたちが、400年以上の伝統をもつ薩摩焼の技術に抱かれ、21世紀の美山から<CHIN JUKAN POTTERY>として世に出ることとなったご縁を、とても幸せに思います。

2010年 金 恵貞

Path with CHIN JUKAN POTTERYI make ceramic works in a small studio set in Seoul, Korea. It is indeed a personal operation; I beat the clay, throw the wheel, and wish for the colors I see in my mind to come out from the firing. I am at constant search of the frail balance of forms and texture, but I have always let the materials speak through, and my hands to follow its nature. I make functional ware, and finding it more interesting in making non-forced shapes, to encourage the natural form to come out as if you can still feel the handwork that was put into the making.
Like people’s unique handwriting, I realize that in my ceramic works too show traces of my body’s memory, my characteristics and habits all alike. I remember resting my chin in my hands often, while trying to balance out my physical strain and to withhold the state of uncertainty in general. That was a gesture of overwhelmed soul, resting in two palms which I was given.
I started working with clay at 20 years of age, and I realize that it has been 2 decades since then. I have always continued my creation through that time, in different places and different environments, and it was always the clay that absorbed all my inner strain and exterior impacts that helped me through this journey.
The Satsuma Ware artisans’effort and endurance they’ve been through over the generations is nothing I can compare to with my 20 years of experience in pottery. The intricate decoration skills seen in Satsuma Ware, and the warmth of its basis material the white clay, as well as the Kuro Satsuma (black Satsuma Ware)’s tenacious character are all but product, but the result of which shows the profound and generous nature of this kiln and its artisans.
The “CHIN JUKAN POTTERY” series that I was part of, did not initiate in the sketch or a plan. The prototype was set in the form that my handwork bore, using the clay unique to Satsuma Ware. These are in a way my clay babies, reflecting my personal experiences and embraced by the 400 years worth of skills in Satsuma Ware tradition. I feel truly fortunate in partaking in the launch of “CHIN JUKAN POTTERY” series, from Miyama, Kagoshima today.

Hyejeong Kim, 2010

photo Aya Brackett

2003年、Londonへ移り、Vanguard Courtに工房を設ける。
2005年、Iliffe Yard に工房を設ける。同年、LondonChelsea Crafts FairにてEvening Standard社によるAward<Best Domestic Product>を受賞。2007年より韓国ソウルに工房を設け、現在に至る。


Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1993/ Ceramic Art, BA, EWHA Woman’s University, Korea
1995/ Ceramic Art, MA, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
1999/ PhD in Ceramic Art, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
2000-2003/ Research project on Stoneware pottery, based in the studio of Rupert SPIRA, Shropshire, UK
2003/ Studio pottery in Vanguard Court, London, UK
2005/ Studio pottery in ILIFF Yard, London, UK
Awarded by Evening Standard, Chelsea Crafts Fair, London
2007~/ Studio pottery in Seoul, Korea
Hyejeong Kim exhibits her Ceramic Art internationally.
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